Primary school refutes father's complaints of bullying

By Dave Speck in Local People

A CONCERNED father has criticised his son’s school for not doing enough to tackle bullying, which, he says, has made the boy “a shadow of himself ”.

Robert Came, of Hartland Road, Friern Barnet, says he has had 25 meetings in six months with staff at nearby Holly Park Primary School, where he claims his son has been subjected to name-calling and attacks.

In response, the school, in Bellevue Road, said it had a zero tolerance approach to bullying, dealt with allegations swiftly and monitored all types of behaviour regularly, although it did not deal with Mr Came’s complaint directly.

He says the attacks happen about once a month and have included pushing, slapping and being punched in the arm.

He said: “My son is now unrecognisable. His confidence has gone from 100 to ten. He now questions himself on everything.

“He feels that I’m the only person he has got left because he feels the school has let him down, but I want him to know I’m not going to let him down and hopefully this will help other children along the way as well.

“Someone has got to deal with this problem. It cannot just be kept on as it is.There has got to be a suitable punishment. If you have that, the bullying stops.”

Mr Came also claims there is racism in the playground as well as taunting of disabled children, and said that the case of his son, who is in year 5, was “just the tip of the iceberg”.

Another parent, who did not wish to be identified,

said that her son had been bullied for several months and she had noticed bruises on his body, yet the school wasn’t doing enough about it.

And another woman who did not want to be identified said that her grandson was now being schooled at home after the bullying got so bad, yet the school had not acted.

Ann Pelham, the school’s headteacher, said: “Holly Park has a zero tolerance approach to racism and bullying and deals with any allegations swiftly.

“Parents and carers frequently praise the school for its comprehensive response to bullying and in a recent survey 93 per cent of parents told us they felt the school dealt with bullying well or they had not experienced any bullying issues at the school.“The school monitors all types and patterns of behaviour regularly and can confirm that there have been no reported incidents of racism from

parents or carers.

“Behaviour at Holly Park is frequently praised by external visitors and the school has been commended for its proactive approach to embedding positive behaviour.”

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