School bans students from Enfield retail park after string of robberies on schoolkids

By Russ Lawrence in Local People

A school’s students have been banned from visiting a popular retail park after three of them were injured following a spate of violent muggings and attacks by groups of older youths.

Youngsters at St Ignatius RC College in Turkey Street have been prohibited from going to Enfield Retail Park on the A10 Great Cambridge Road after school following a string of street robberies and anti-social behaviour involving pupils gathering in the vicinity of McDonalds restaurant.

There is no suggestion any of the pupils at St Ignatius have been involved in the criminal activity which is believed to involve younger pupils being threatened, bullied and robbed of mobile phones and valuables by older and much bigger boys.

The assistant headteacher of St Ignatius College has written to parents explaining the reasons for the restriction and the need to protect the safety of its students.

She writes: “There has been a recent spate of robberies and attacks near McDonalds and other shops and outlets in Enfield Retail Park and three of our students were injured there recently.  

“There have also been complaints from some businesses that students from some Enfield schools are congregating there after school and becoming involved in anti-social behaviour.

“In order to protect our students and ensure their safety, we have made the decision to prohibit our students from visiting the retail park after school.

She adds: “Please can I ask for your support in reinforcing this instruction with your child.”

Enfield police are aware of several incidents where young people have been approached by groups of older youths demanding property, according to a post on the ’Spotted Enfield’ Facebook page.

They say arrests have been made in relation to some of the thefts, but urge students to continue reporting incidents.

They recommend parents advise their children not to take expensive items of property like iphones or tablet devices or large sums of cash with them when out on their own.

It adds: “If they must take a phone for ease of contact with you, please do advise them not to show it off in public as it may seem very appealing to thieves. Please also advise them to travel in groups for safety and remain in lit, well populated areas during darkness. “

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Dianethomas · 85 days ago · Report

Ditto Johnnie

Dianethomas · 85 days ago · Report

Put some army lads there then see how brave the bullies are

Johnny · 86 days ago · Report

Ban the students? How about banning the robbing thugs instead?

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